People from everywhere are embracing the idea that a vacation should be more than just a plane flight and a luxury hotel. Many vacationers now look for exciting and challenging trips where the primary focus is having an adventure off the beaten path. Today, we’re going to look at six exciting activities you may be interested in for your next vacation.


Backpacking is a low cost form of travel often taking you into remote and wild areas not available on traditional vacations. Relying heavily on ones physical fitness, endurance, and appetite for adventure, backpackers enjoy seeing the world from places only accessible by foot. There are limitless locations that provide backpackers the thrill of experiencing the world from a different perspective. If you are looking for adventurous vacation low on cost and high on excitement, then backpacking is for you.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing takes you off the slopes and into the back-country. It has long been considered a reliable means of travel in areas blanketed by snow. Cross country skiing has more recently been accepted by adventure travelers as an enjoyable way to see the most inaccessible wilds. Many skiers stay out for extended periods of time relying on tents and backpacks to satisfy their hunger for a challenging and exciting vacation.

Multi-Sport Vacations

Many travelers are embracing vacations in which each and every day is filled with a new adventure. This kind of travel is known as a multi-sport vacation. Go hiking into the wilderness one day and rafting down a roaring river the next. A favorite of families and adventurous couples, multi-sport vacations offer a trip where the action never ends.

Scuba Diving

There is something about seeing the world from beneath the oceans that has enthralled people since the beginning of time. Experiencing …

People of all ages are choosing to seek out adventure on their vacations, and there are many destinations around the world offering for an amazing trip. What better way to truly enjoy yourself while also seeing the worlds most amazing natural wonders than on an adventure vacation? From hiking in the wilderness to scuba diving sunken ships in the Caribbean, adventure travel is the perfect way to satisfy your appetite for excitement.

There are many exciting adventure travel destinations and activities to choose from. Today, we are going to explore five of my favorite places to travel.

New Zealand

Located over 1200 miles from the coast of Australia, New Zealand is known the world around for its beauty. Majestic mountains, searing volcanoes, and sparkling blue rivers are what awaits you in this country. The most popular activities for travelers to New Zealand are skiing, rock climbing, trekking, and white-water rafting. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy visiting this country.

South Africa

This amazing country boasts some of the most exhilarating and exciting activities of anywhere on Earth. Its spectacular landscape and varied wildlife are the primary draw for travelers here. Nearly all of the worlds most wild animals call South Africa home, including Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Cheetahs, and Giraffes. But that’s not all, if you’re an adrenaline enthusiast then take a jump off of Bloukrans bridge, at the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. As you can see, South Africa is the perfect place for an adventure off the beaten path and a vacation here is one you will not forget.


The largest of all the United States, Alaska is a land of extremes. Its remote wilderness has long been a favorite destination for active travelers and visiting …

Adventure Travel Kit – Long term travel is a very rewarding experience and one you will never regret. Sure, you’ll come back home a bit poorer financially – but you’ll be far richer for having had the experiences you did. Your life will never be the same and your outlook will be forever changed.

As wonderful as long term travel is, however, it can be a daunting thought to deal with. How does the traveler manage all those months on the road? How can you adapt to changing conditions day in and day out? Here are some things for you to consider.

I think the main thing to keep in mind is that an extended tour is really a lifestyle and it differs from a vacation in many ways. On a two-week or two-month vacation, you can go full-tilt the whole time. You can push yourself on a daily basis until you collapse into bed each night exhausted. You can do that because you know you will be going home – and you will be able to rest and recuperate from vacation once you get home.

Things are different on an extended trip. You won’t be able to maintain that same frenetic pace day in and day out. You’ll have to find a pace that works for you. Some travelers find they can head out sightseeing every day for weeks on end, while others find a day or two is enough. You may find you’ll deal with life easier with one or two days off each week to simply lounge about in a hammock all day. The trick to figure out what pace works for you. I’ve found that I can travel three or four in a row and then need a day off to hang out and recuperate. We …

Adventure Medical Kits World Travel Kit – Overseas adventure travel can either be the worst or the best experience in your life. It all comes down to planning. However, planning an overseas trip can be a huge task so knowing what you need is essential. Here is your bird’s eye view to planning your adventure trip.

1. Two or more years ahead: Get an idea of your budget.

That sounds like a lot of time to spend planning an adventure overseas but setting aside enough funds takes time. Unless you are independently wealthy, you should start saving for your trip a year or two in advance. Depending on the destination and duration of your tip, you’re in for a big expense.

2. One and a half years ahead: Determine your destination and dates.

Here’s where it gets fun. You get to plan where you’re going and when. ‘Where’ may not be much of a question as you may have had a lifelong desire to go to the Himalayas or some other exotic destination. Narrowing the scope of your travel is now your task. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see or do? Most importantly, when do you want to go? Grab a piece of paper, your calendar, and start planning. During this phase, you’ll probably want to do a lot of Internet research on travel companies, expedition groups, and other adventure travel agencies. These organizations will be best suited to help you select and plan for your dream trip.

3. One year ahead: Book your trip, secure your passport, and get your shots.

Once you’ve made all of those decisions about your adventure overseas, you’ll want to nail everything down. During this stage, narrow down your list of preferred agencies, research, and contact them to …

I was rummaging through the pages of my photo album when I felt a strange tingle. It was like being drawn back by an invisible string, pulling me until I found myself dwelling in the memories of those days when I trekked the lands of Copper Canyon. In a split second, I felt like I was actually back there, feeling the damp air as it embraced me, like sending me to its very bosom. Everything was so serene and calm with the stillness bringing delight down to my spine, lulling my senses.

The memory of that sojourn was one of those that I cherished the most. I love to remember the sequined flicker of the afternoon sun as it gleams along the ground while the soft breeze stirs the golden grass.

The Copper Canyon (also known as Barranca del Cobre) is indeed a masterpiece of Mother Nature that sprung forth from her heart. Hosting some of the most spectacular and beautiful land in all of Mexico, it is a region that lies in the northwest portion of the country. With a series of twenty canyons, shaped over centuries by six rivers that slither down the region, the area is sometimes compared to Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

As a means to preserve the area, Mexico created the Copper Canyon National Park which extends more than 600 km in length and 250 km in width.

Although the spot is accessible by trekking a dirt road through the mountains, it is more comfortably visited by train. Visitors often enjoy the picturesque journey by train from Los Mochis.

The Copper Canyon system can be traveled by the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad. Serving as an important means of transportation, the Copper Canyon railway also draws tourists as it is a superb example of engineering genius.

Other …

The world is a big place, full of amazing locations. Often, people get so caught up in carrying on their daily activities that they forget there is much more to life than going to work and making money. However, when you get an itch to do something extraordinary, many times, money does prove to come in very handy.

Traveling is notorious for being expensive, especially when you decide you want to trek far beyond the area in which you live. Nevertheless, there are ways to explore the world without causing yourself financial ruin. If you do not have the funds to travel overseas, it is possible to find adventures close to home, (no matter where you happen to live) but most people who crave adventure, cannot help but to find ways to get themselves to as many exotic locations as possible.

For those who live in the United States, there are numerous theme parks located all over the country. Packing everyone up in the car and driving to your destination can be an interesting experience, by itself. Theme parks are a great way for the whole family to have fun and even challenge some of their fears. However, for thrill-seekers who wish to push themselves, and their bodies, to the limit, many different places that can help you do just that.

It’s important for some people to put themselves in situations that test their abilities as a human. A lot of times, when people are able to overcome obstacles, it makes them feel more alive. From scuba diving with sharks to climbing dangerous mountains, there are many journeys for your body and mind to contemplate.

Many activities in South America are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Here, you will find all sorts of colorful adventures. Whether you go on …

World Cruisers Adventure Travel And Tours Inc – Let’s face it.  The typical vacations in the tropics, in a ski lodge and in a cruise ship can seem boring after one too many trips to these places.  You will want something unique, something adventurous and something more memorable simply because life is too short to be spending vacations in boring places.

Well, if that’s your desire, you should ask a travel agent about the possibilities for an adventure travel trip to exotic places doing things that you would never have thought to do on your vacation.  No, we are not talking about illegal and illicit activities here – just vacations that will pump adrenaline into your system and still keep you alive to tell the exciting tale.  Here then are our top three picks for an adventure vacation.

Visit the Stans

If you are curious about what happened to the Central Asian countries formerly under the Soviet Union, then it is time to plan your trip to the five stans.  Yes, you read that right – the five stans, namely, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  The best time to visits is either on the month of May or September when the climate is usually at its best.

You can pretend to be a modern-day Marco Polo precisely because few Westerners have seen the wonders of these independent countries since the days of, well, Marco Polo.  Your mind will wonder at the Saka petrolglyps, the Zenkov Cathedral and the Bibi Khanym mosque while you arms will be full from the equally wondrous woven carpets and other souvenirs.  Did we mention that these countries have majestic vistas as well?

Trek in Mongolia

Ever since Genghis Khan captured our imaginations, we have always wanted to visit Mongolia, mingle with its people and …

Student travel and adventure program, there will never be a better time in your life to travel than your student years or immediately thereafter. Once this part of your life has passed it’s difficult to return to because of life responsibilities that begin to accumulate. Enough of the bummer reality part of this article. Traveling for a summer or more can be life changing. This is especially true when you are traveling with a loose schedule and have the freedom to stay in an area you find interesting or make friends. Getting to intimately experience local flavors and customs are unforgettable.

There are several areas that you need to do some homework on as you plan for your adventure: budget, destination and safety.

First and probably most important you should have at pretty good idea of your budget and a backup plan when you blow it. Obviously, you don’t want to be forced to return after 4 weeks of your 12- week trek because you run out of money. However, even if this happens all is not lost because there are ways to make money on the road. Typically, this is something you need to plan ahead for but if you are of a mind to you can earn emergency money while traveling. Depending on the area/country you are traveling in you may find jobs at Hostels, summer camps, restaurants, au-pair, picking fruit and many others just use your imagination. If you speak the local language that naturally can be a big benefit. The important thing is to think out things like transportation, food and lodging and have a general idea how you will deal with each of these essentials. A good site for more research on jobs abroad is

Obviously picking a destination is important and affects all other …