MY CHEEKS STING. I MEAN THE SLAPPED – IN – THE – FACE – WITH – A – SHOVEL KIND OF sting. Icy waves are breaking over the front of the kayak. Headwinds at 15 knots push against the three of us as we labor through the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile. It seemed like a fun idea to kayak to islands that few people have seen. But then our guide, the supremely fit Dany Urizza, told my husband, Douglas, to sit in the middle and me to sit in the front. And now I’m being pummeled. The winds are so strong that I can’t hear Dany shouting from the back. “What?” I yell. Behind me, Douglas shouts, “Aggressive leopard seals! Paddle harder!”

To a leopard seal, I’d be vac-packed chorizo. I’m swaddled in a wetsuit, neoprene hand protectors and booties, balaclava, fleece and a waterproof skirt. On top of all that are foulweather gear and a life jacket. And I need every bit of it as we claw our way toward a lofty island view that promises to be like none other. Lunch will be served there. How nice.

Dany? Our rugged rock of a local guide? Can’t see him. Can’t even hear him. I’m thinking he’s sitting back in the rumble seat, licking a lollipop. All while buckets of glacial seawater are hitting the little woman up front, flush in the jaw.

“I’m not sure why those seals are so far north,” Dany shouts.

“They’re Antarctic carnivores.” Meat eaters. How comforting.

I have no idea how close they are. But the thought of them sniffing around us has me worshiping the kayak. It, and the strength of our trio, are the only things keeping me from i) full submersion in 30-something-degree water and 2) becoming a leopard-seal …

Surfing was first recorded as being means of fishermen travelling over coral reefs in to the shore in Hawaii and Polynesia. Surfing pioneers such as Duke Kahanamoku, introduced surfing to Australia, not for this purpose though, just for the love of the waves. Surfing rapidly spread to everywhere in the world that waves broke.

The first unofficial Surfing World Championship was held in 1962 and won by Midget Farrely. By the early 1980’s, sponsorship by surfing merchandise corporations elevated surfing to a professional level.

Some people may argue that surfing is more of an art form than a sport. With many different competitions becoming increasingly popular at the end of the twentieth century, it was perhaps perceived that surfing was a sport.

The extremities of the ‘surfer’s bug’ is depicted in the film ‘Point Break’, a film based on a true story. The desire to achieve thrills in surfing results in a surfer losing his life to the sea in a ‘once in a lifetime’ fifty-year storm. It could be argued that this behaviour is of insanity only. However, an increasing number of people are participating in surfing to more and more extremities, to the point at which surfers are being taken out to the biggest waves in the world by jet-ski because it’s not possible to surf them without.

With most groups of people who share a specific interest of any sort, there is almost always some sort of ‘cult’ undertone attached. Surfing is of no exception and is invariably associated with ‘cool dudes’ who think everything is ‘awesome’ and ‘rad’. This is a widely seen stereotype and surfing continues to be seen as a very ‘cool’ activity. This view has been created over the twentieth century and subsequently affected the cult status of surfers and their culture. For …

Summer doesn’t exactly stick around all year long and it is not healthy for traders to just sit in front of their computers every day. Prolonged sitting has been associated with numerous back problems and you do not want that to add up to the challenges that come along with trading.

Then what is the remedy to unglue a super engrossed trader? All the money earned from forex trading has got to go somewhere. So pack your bags, laptops and camera and head to these must-see places worthy to be explored.


2010 is said to be the last year that Antarctica is open to tourism. Antarctica is probably one of the most incredible tourist destinations, one of the world’s last great wilderness. The continent’s landscape is described by many as magical, surreal, unforgettable, and a glimpse of nature in its purest form. Many four-day cruises leave from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, others from Ushuaia or Stanley. The increased number of tourists aboard ships poses a major threat in the fragile continent and a ban on big cruise ships will take effect within a year. This gives us the perfect reason to see this secluded continent for the first (and last) time.

Bogot??, Columbia

Bogot?? is now one a world class urban destination ranked along with San Francisco, Dubai, Washington DC or Berlin. The city underwent breathtaking transformation but still remains as a “city of contrasts” blending the old and the new where you can find skyscrapers tower over century-old landscapes. Several museums and restaurants have opened in the Bogot??’s historic center and the most affordable lodging and dining options are located in this side of Bogot??. Take a downtown day tour and enjoy the sights offered by this charming city.

Mysore, India

Are you a yoga junkie?  Thousands …

When the snow starts to fall, outdoor adventure travel in Canada heats up. Instead of hiding indoors for half of the year, there’s plenty of things to do in, on or under the snow. And with most winter adventures only a few hours away from a major city, adrenaline-junkies don’t have to travel far to get their fix.

Take a look at some travel suggestions from our Scenic Travel Canada staff:

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding – Skiing and snowboarding are high-speed thrills that make downhillers wish for more of the white stuff! Vancouver has Whistler; Calgary has Banff and Montreal has Mont Tremblant. And there are plenty of local hills to brush up on techniques early in the season. Ski season starts in mid-November and runs until May. The busiest, and most expensive, time at the ski resorts is around Christmas and spring break when families head to the hills in droves. But with new high-speed ski-lifts, queues on the hill are often shorter than the lineups in the parking lots and restaurants.

The best time to go downhill skiing is mid-week when the lift-lines are non-existent and the runs are uncrowded.

Snowboarding is as popular as skiing and now makes up more than half of all downhillers.

Hotel prices are usually cheaper mid-week. Ask at the concierge desk if lift tickets can be purchased in advanced, usually at a discount.

Discount lift-tickets are available early in the season and offer savings that last throughout the ski-season.

Cross-Country Skiing – Not all people are as courageous (or crazy enough) to strap boards to their feet and hurtle down a mountain. For those who are downhill-challenged, try cross-country skiing instead. It’s like walking but only faster; similar to skating but without the falls; akin to running but not as strenuous.

There …

Overseas Adventure Travel Catalog – The amazing state of Arizona is known as canyon country and home to many beautiful and diverse slot canyons with sheer rock wall cliffs, deep natural pools, and breathtaking cascades and water falls. Many of these gorgeous canyons are still relatively unknown, rarely visited, and not that far off the beaten path to able to be accessed and reached in a day’s journey. In order to descend into these backcountry canyons is what “canyoneering” is all about consisting of hiking, climbing, boulder hopping, scrambling, swimming and rappelling, with rappelling being the most technical of all the canyoneering skills and also the most dangerous. Canyoneering thus becomes “technical canyoneering” when rappelling or the use of ropes are required in order to safely continue the descent and exploration of a canyon area. So if you’re looking for greater adventure and more of an outdoors challenge and the ability to further explore more of the beautiful and remote rock canyons of Arizona, then you’ll want to check out learning how to rappel where you’ll begin your venture into the exciting world of technical canyoneering!

Rappelling is defined as “a specialized climbing technique used to descend mountains or cliffs through the use of a controlled slide down a climbing rope anchored to the top of the cliff’s ledge. ” Rappelling is considered an advanced canyoneering skill requiring formal training and practice before heading out either with a guide or on your own. After having been recently introduced to the sport of canyoneering, I’ve been inspired to continue growing my canyoneering skills so that I can explore more of these remote backcountry canyons. So when a local hiking group called the Hiking Hikers Hiking Group (aka Triple H) announced that they were offering a beginners introduction to rappelling class at …

Alaska Travel Adventures Juneau Office – Many people dream of going on a great travel adventure. Most of us keep dreaming; others make it happen…

Gregg Bleakney’s dream was to travel the Americas from top to bottom. He got the idea after he finished 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) bike ride. Gregg’s friend, Brooks Allen, was also a cyclist. The two friends talked and slowly formed a plan: they would travel from Alaska to Argentina — by bike.

To pay for the trip, Gregg and Brooks worked and saved their money for years. Once they were on the road, they often camped outdoors or stayed in hostels. In many places, local people opened their homes to the two friends and gave them food.

During their trip, Gregg and Brooks cycled through deserts, rainforests, and mountains. They visited modern cities and ancient ruins such as Machu Picchu in Peru. And everywhere they went they met other cyclists from all over the world.

In May 2007 — two years, twelve countries, and over 30,500 km (19,000 miles) later — Gregg eventually reached Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. (Near Guatemala, Brooks had to return to the U.S., and Gregg continued without him.)

The trip taught both men a lot about traveling, especially if you travel abroad. What did they learn? Here is some of Gregg’s advice:

Travel light. The less baggage you have, the less you’ll worry about.

Be flexible. Don’t plan everything. Then you’ll be more-relaxed and happy, especially if there are problems.

Be polite. As one traveller told Gregg, “Always remember that nobody wants to fight, cheat, or rob a nice guy.”…

Travel And Adventure Jobs – Teens (and adults, too) ziplining, hiking and cave snorkelling in the jungle is no excuse to look drab!

Any day trip you make in the Yucatan, Mexico, home of the ancient Mayan, whether it be tripping around Chichen Itza, hiking through the Tulum jungle or ATVing along ancient Mayan sacbe’s, it is cool to be fashionable and not packing the kitchen sink.

Being a local in the jungles and beaches of the ancient Mayan world all my life and knowing a lot of adventure guides I have written “What To Prepare and What NOT to Wear” guidelines that are shared in two parts.

My name is Landis Grace and welcome to the jungles and adventures of the ancient Mayans.

1) DO NOT bring a huge backpack that is ugly and makes you look like Marco Polo. In a style that matches your swimsuit bring a small stylish backpack or even a beachbag with long handles that you can use like a backpack. I like the small backpack better because it has pockets but the beach bag will do, too. As long as it matches your swimsuit.

2) DO NOT bring your wallet. Wallets are heavy – Put the cash you think you will need for the day (preferably pesos but American dollars are accepted mostly everywhere), some identification like your health card, social insurance card and a credit card in a sandwich size ziploc bag to keep it dry from the water bottle, wet towel or even in the unlikely event of rain. Leave your important identification like your passport and the rest of your cash in the safe in the hotel. Don’t bring another smaller purse to put in the big purse – it adds unnecessary weight and if you have two purses your …

Adventure Travel Camp – By the month of September, when temperatures here in the Arizona desert begin to start cooling down, those of us who live here in this region of the state know that fall is finally on its way and with it also, arguably, the best outdoors hiking season of all. The rugged Superstition Mountains, also known as “Arizona’s best-known wilderness area” is an excellent and very popular destination for hiking, rock climbing and backpacking due to its gorgeous scenery and large network of some of the best and most challenging hikes located only a short distance from the Phoenix area. If you are more of an advanced hiker who has at least some basic climbing skills, for an excellent fall hike and an extraordinary rock climbing, canyon trekking and extreme fitness training challenge equivalent to doing two Camelbacks in a row, I highly recommend checking out the Siphon Draw to Flat Iron Hike, in the Superstition Wilderness, Mesa, Arizona.

This “very strenuous” rated fitness training and canyon hiking adventure began very early with meeting Eric Kinneman and the TLC Hiking group at 5:30am at a designated meet up location at Route 60 and Sossaman Road in Mesa. After gathering all of the group members together we set out at about 5:45am for our trailhead at the Lost Dutchman State Park, about 5 miles from Apache Junction on Hwy 88 or also known as the Apache Trail. After arriving at the park and paying the $7 park entrance and day use fee, we parked our cars at the Siphon Draw trailhead and after a quick rest room break, we set out on our hike shortly after day break by about 6:15am.

Immediately, Eric Kinneman started the hike off at a pretty good pace and we were quickly on …

A family is considered as the smallest unit of group in a certain society. It is mainly composed of a father, mother and children. Nowadays there are different types of families. Most of the families nowadays prefer to remain small because of economic problems. Most of the time families are regarded as the most important group in the society. Better, you take a family adventure travel packages.

Without a single family living in a certain place it can never be considered as a society. The main importance of family can be observed within the behavior of a person. Since the individuals around you influence a large part of your personality it would be great if you are going to choose those individuals who you are going to be with. However on the other hand, it would be impossible for you to choose the family that you prefer to have.

Home is the place where a family shares their common dwellings. It is also the exact place where the entire family members mingle with each other. Home is one of the most important places for an individual. Most of the people even believe that there is no place like home. The traditional way of bonding with your family often takes place in your own homes.

Meanwhile majority of old individuals would choose to stay at home because they can no longer stay still from the extreme environment such as too much heat from the sun. They would prefer to stay at home and enjoy the convenience of their own place. However it would be difficult for teens because they often enjoy outdoor activities such as going to the beach or even mountain climbing.

The best way to value your own family is to spend your time with them. It would be …

Adventure Travel Problem – “It’s not really a proper adventure,” says Steve Mellor, General Manager of Escaped to Peru, based in Cusco, “until something goes wrong.” We often fondly remember our trips by relating the travel problems, disasters and setbacks when our feet are firmly back on home soil, so most of us would be happy to agree.

However, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with a vacation full of adventure when faced with a selection of frustrating or worrying problems. From dangling at the end of a fraying rope to waiting for a delayed flight, here are some simple steps to run through to turn your travel problem into a fondly-told story when you return home.

1) Don’t panic

The very same words inscribed on the cover of the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy are the best piece of advice that we could ever offer. You’re in a sticky situation. Flipping out, screaming and waving your arms like a drunk air traffic controller isn’t going to get you out of your situation, probably just deeper into it. Take a deep breath and ignore the thoughts pounding your brain about all the bad outcomes possible. If you are traveling with a reputable travel company you will have a 24 hours telephone number that you can call to resolve the situation. If you are traveling independently, read on!

2) Consider the situation

Now hopefully a little more in control of your emotions, have a cold, hard look at things. What are your surroundings? Who is involved? What is the mood? If you can distance yourself a little from your immediate circumstances, you’ll put a bit of space between you and the problem. Try to think of things from another point of view, and consider a different perspective if someone …