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Adventure Travel Galapagos Archipelago – Discover the Blessed Beauty of Ecuador

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Adventure Travel Galapagos – Ecuador in the South American continent is blessed with Amazon rain forests. Being rich in biodiversity, it attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists for jungle trips. In your previous trip, you must have explored the natural habitats which are home to innumerable species of flora and fauna. But, have you ever made an island tour to the Galapagos Archipelago, situated 1,000 kilometers west of the mainland of Ecuador? If not, then consider planning for the Galapagos tour during your upcoming vacation.

The 18 islands of the Galapagos Archipelago are surrounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean and each one carries unique charm to allure its explorers. The trip starts from Baltra, a small island situated near the centre of the Galapagos. On reaching the airport in the island, you can move towards the dockyard by means of public transport buses. You will find a number of boats which will help you travel from one island to another.

But, not all islands in the Galapagos are travel-friendly. If you really want to capture the best beauty of the oceanic islands, then take a look at the following places to visit at the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador:

Santa Cruz Island: This Island is known for having Charles Darwin Research Station and the headquarters of the Galapagos National Park. The main attraction of this place is the tortoise breeding center wherein different species of tortoises are hatched and reared.

Sulivan Bay: Situated on the east cost of Santiago Island, Sulivan Bay is known for white coral sand beach. A walk alongside the lava that flooded the place about 100 years ago is worth- experiencing.

Gardner Bay: Gardner Bay located in the Espanola is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba-divers. If you are looking for the adventure of scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands, then you should not miss this beautiful place.

San Cristobal Island: On visiting this island, there is a huge possibility to encounter great number of marine creatures including sea lions, marine iguanas, dolphins, sharks, tortoises etc.

Besides the above mentioned places, there are lots more locations in the Galapagos which are yet left to be explored. If you want to take the best island trip in the Galapagos Islands, then you can consider contacting tour operators in the country. There are a few tour companies who are known to provide cruises to the Galapagos Islands.

So, spare out some time to gather information about the Galapagos Islands from some reliable tour operators and get set to plan tour program for a memorable traveling experience in Ecuador.