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Adventure Travel Market Size – Recession Road Trip – Affordable Travel to the Western US

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In American travel, the classic road trip west is about the best thing among American tourism. The family packs the bags, maybe a tent or camper, fills up with gas and heads toward sunset. With elbows protruding out the window the landscape begins to change and you realize you’re doing it. You’re headed out west!

Many people have fond memories from their childhood of the family road trip. During these troubling economic times, this tradition is all the more important. Why? Because travel out West to see the National Parks can still be an affordable family vacation.

National Parks are an American invention, according to a current PBS documentary. That may seem odd, but it is quite important. Any tourist in America now can visit a myriad of majestic wonders: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. All are preserved for generations to come. Although, a beautiful site doesn’t have to be federally protected to impress me. All natural beauty can be rewarding and sharing such natural beauty with family can be a memorable experience.

Nothing is quite as magical as a sunrise in the western U.S. For some reason the colors are richer, the blues are bluer and the reds are redder. It’s disheartening to think that man Americans are taking less and less vacation days per year (I’m an American by the way). The worst is that our children are not making the lasting memories of the “family road trip”. The workaholics of today are robbing cherished memories from their kids!!

Where might a family start their road trip out west? Big Bend National Park is a possibility. This park is in Texas and lies along the U.S./Mexican border. Big Bend boasts the largest protected space of Chihuahuan Desert topography in the United States. The setting includes more than 1,200 species of plants, greater than 450 species of birds, 56 reptile species, and 75 mammal species. And of course you should not miss the enchanting Santa Elena Canyon or the amazing Pine Canyon Falls.

Big Bend is great but I think we all know that the big daddy of them all is the Grand Canyon. If one were to Google the top travel or tourism destinations, the Grand Canyon usually sits atop the list.

The Grand Canyon is perfect for hiking, rafting, camping, you name it. One of the most incredible ways to see the beast is by helicopter tour. One receives a bird’s eye view, and a real appreciation for the grandeur. If the helicopter tour is too pricey, families can avoid it and stay on budget.

Hopefully, during these times families can still travel out west and enjoy a road trip to America’s National Parks. Go out there and make some memories.