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Best Adventure Travel Camera 20 Must Remember’s – A Masterlist For ‘Off-Piste’ Photography Shoots

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Best Adventure Travel Camera – Spending time in the field is a somewhat beautiful thing – you, your camera, nature and time – time to look, see, think, breathe. I shoot horses, but this list applies to anyone who is going ‘off-piste’ and heading for a photographic adventure.

The list is a starting point and can be honed according to your destination and type of shoot. So perhaps use my list as a starting point and build your own personalised list from it. You many need to tweak it each time you head off, but it will really help you to never forget those little essentials.

Here goes…

-Camera body

-Battery charger

-Spare batteries (2/3) – and AA batteries for flash if necessary

-Lenses (checked, cleaned and ready to go)

-Off-camera flash

-Memory – 2 x 4GB, 4 x 1GB cards

-Laptop/power lead

-External hard drive (Firewire 800)

-Blank DVDs for additional backup

-Card reader

-Camera/flash manuals


-Travel adaptors

-Lens cleaning kit plus soft cloth for wiping down

-Camera waterproof protector

-Polarising filter

-Waterproof trousers/jacket (especially great if you want to roll around in a field)

-Chewing gum or sweets (time disappears when out in the field – be prepared to get peckish SUDDENLY!)

-Fingerless gloves and a warm hat

-Email to insurers advising of trip (if necessary)

-Change voicemail message (you don’t want to miss out on any jobs whilst away)

-“Out of office” assistant on email (if away from internet for an extended period of time)

Constantly review the list and never rely on your in-built autopilot function to pack. There will always be something.

Also, never underestimate how cold you will become if you are outdoors for any length of time. Gloves, hats, scarves, layers.

I hope this is of use – happy shooting.