“Few if any states can match the variety of backcountry terrain that Arizona has to offer. From arid deserts to alpine tundra, Arizona has it all. This diversity translates into a vast and interesting array of backcountry excursions from which to choose from.” I think this quotation taken directly from one of my favorite resources, “100 Hikes in Arizona” by Scott S. Warren, really sums up perfectly what the amazing state of Arizona has to offer whether you’re a hiker, backpacker, rock climber, or just someone who enjoys getting out into nature and the outdoors. Arizona with its vast variety of topography and climate, really does have it all! Having lived in Arizona now for over half my lifetime, I am still amazed that there always seems to be someplace new to go, and during the winter months, it’s an excellent time to get out and explore the beautiful and rugged, Sonoran Desert region. So if you’re up for getting out and checking out someplace new and truly unique, an excellent “off roading” journey, that’s remote yet still close to Phoenix and a rugged, ridgeline trek and challenging workout with stunning panoramic scenery and wilderness views, then check out the Quartz Peak Trail and Adventure Hike, in the Estrella Mountain Wilderness, Arizona.

On an early March weekend morning I met my friends from the TLC Hiking Club, organized and led by Eric Kinneman, at a meet up location in Avondale, west of Phoenix. By 7:15 am once everyone had arrived, we set out for our hike out to a place I’d never heard of before called Quartz Peak, approximately 25 miles southwest of Phoenix, located in the Estrella Mountain Wilderness, a remote and extremely rugged mountain wilderness area comprised of 14,400 acres rising steeply and sharply from 1500 feet up …

Safari holidays and adventure holidays are growing in popularity. As the world grows smaller with cheaper flights, the internet and deals to far flung places, there has been a slow demise of the annual family week to the Spanish sun. Adventure travel is big business and a sought-after experience, is safari. Make sure the company offer Responsible Travel though. It’s all about giving back and supporting the countries you travel too now, long gone are the days of an English fry up in Tenerife, served by a begrudging local.

One of the most famous and well visited safari locations is the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. A visit to these thriving national parks is now one of the top ‘things to do before I die’, a must for the discerning Chelsea tractor mother and her brood. The Serengeti is a wonderland of game with four out of the Big Five strolling across the open bush land. For those of you not in the know, the big five are supposedly the five hardest animals to track in Africa: lions, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. A trip during the acclaimed migration will ensure sightings of lions, giraffe, elephants, and of course wildebeest. During the months of June and July thousands of wildebeest begin to migrate across the savannah plains of the Serengeti with impalas, zebra and gazelle as escorts. The photograph hunters amongst you should time your trip during these months as the sight of the swelling herds makes for some magical moments. The migration is one of the busiest seasons so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

There are many safari holiday itineraries which offer varying degrees of activity. The so-called adventure holidays tend to throw in things like hiking, canoe trips, bush walks or up close animal encounters …

Hieroglyphic Canyon – With many sunny, bright, crystal blue skies and warm day time temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, winters here in the beautiful state of Arizona are absolutely gorgeous and the dream of many. Along with its near perfect weather conditions, winters in Arizona are also ideal for getting out and exploring all the beautiful and spectacular desert mountain scenery and canyons right within a stone’s throw distance from the Phoenix metropolitan area. As one of my all-time favorite places to explore during the winter months, towering high above the city, out over to its eastern side, one of the largest mountain ranges, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous, are the Superstition Mountains, located just 50 miles from the Phoenix area.

First designated a federal wilderness area in 1964, the Superstition Wilderness makes up about 160,000 acres, ranging in elevation from 2000 feet, in its western region, all the way on up to 6000 feet, in its eastern region. The lower western region of the Superstition Wilderness is extremely rugged, but also highly scenic desert territory with its many magnificent rock formations, amazing hoo doos, narrow rock canyons and steep vertical cliffs. With an extensive network system of inter-connecting trails, and easy access to its 4 main trail heads, Peralta, First Water, Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat, the western Superstitions, particularly in the winter months are by far the most popular and also most heavily visited area for hiking, back packing, canyoneering and rock climbing, ranging from class 2 all the way up to technical rock climbing.

If you’d love to get out to visit the Superstitions and you’re looking for a great idea for a hike, and if you’re more of an advanced hiker, are in relatively good physical condition, and are …

It is a long way from anywhere as I sit uncomfortably in my cramped seat en route to Inle Lake from Bago Myanmar. It’s three in the morning, I am exhausted, my body is aching and I have been either riding a bus or waiting to board one for the past 19 hours.  This lake had better be as “remarkably beautiful” as all of the guide books tell us because it is the most difficult travel I have done in five months.

It is water festival time, the hottest time of the year, and everyone in the country is taking the bus to visit relatives and to see the sights for themselves.  We arrive in Bago, a town situated 80 km northeast of Yangon via Kyiakito in early afternoon to book our overnight bus to Inle Lake.  The tour operator eagerly takes our money, but fails to let us know that it is next to impossible to secure a seat during this busy season on such short notice. As the hours tick by, we wait impatiently for a spot to become available, our desperate proprietor flagged every coach that passed through this dusty town down until finally a driver agreed to take us.

It was an embarrassing experience as we boarded the bus. People were kicked out of their seats to make room for us. Not speaking their language, our protests fell on deaf ears. We didn’t want to make people sit on the floor for us, but there was nothing we could do about it, and we were shown to our designated spots.

The next 10 hours consisted of very loud variety shows a la “Laugh In” that I couldn’t understand one word of, a bus so packed with luggage, that I was forced to stuff my 70L Backpack …

Is it possible that a trip of four weeks can change your whole life?

I don’t know where to start telling you… so I will just mention the most important stages of my trip.

The first awesome part of the trip was driving on Highway 1 which runs up the coast of California. Along the way, there are different sights, and when I stopped, I was able to watch a huge group of sea elephants lying on the beach and having a siesta. They hardly moved at all, and one could easily think of them as looking dead. But they were very much alive, just in a state of relaxation. We can learn from them that we need some rest, too, no matter how hard we are required to work.

Perhaps you remember the story that I told you about Hearst Castle; to me it is rather Heart Castle. I was able to spend a full day on top of the hill where it is located near Highway 1 – and the weather was splendid. Hearst’s father had found silver, and his son built this wonderful castle on the hilltop where he imported and displayed a great deal of magnificent European art. The castle seemed to whisper “nothing is impossible.” When you are there, you can feel that this is true.

Then I suddenly found myself swimming with dolphins in a resort on Oahu, one of the islands of Hawaii. The precious creatures were so much fun to play with. When they asked me whether I would like to kiss a dolphin, I immediately answered “yes!”, and so I kissed my first dolphin. The dolphins’ message definitely was “be happy and have fun in life.” It was a wonderful experience to get to know these awesome animals very close.

On …

Hill Travel Adventures – Clement winters filled with bright, sunny days are what make Phoenix, Arizona, one of the most attractive places to visit in the world with the beautiful months of January and February the peak of its infamous “snow bird season”! Though its temperate winter climate remains the primary draw for many winter visitors who come from all corners of the world, what they soon discover is that Arizona is not just about warm, sunny weather and beautiful golf resorts, its really an extraordinary state and region rich in diversity. No where else on the planet will you find the range of topographical, geological and geographical diversity that you find here within the state of Arizona. With its seemingly endless variety of scenery, places to go and activities to do, virtually anytime of the year, Arizona is a land of wonder and adventure for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking of planning a trip to visit Arizona soon, or if you live in Arizona or the Phoenix area and you’d like a recommendation for a great place to go, a really unique and interesting adventure that’s a lot of fun and moderately rated, filled with geological wonder and Sonoran desert mountain splendor, and best yet, its located within a scenic wilderness backcountry area with fewer crowds and less traffic, yet its still close to town and located within minutes of Phoenix, an outdoors hike I highly recommend checking out, is the Tom’s Thumb Trail Hike, in the McDowell Sonoran Wilderness Preserve, Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was on a clear, brisk early February weekend morning that I drove out to North Scottsdale to meet up with a great group of friends and experienced hikers from the TLC Hiking Club, a local Phoenix hiking …

Some people believe a break from work should involve more than just a holiday: it should be an adventure! Which is why adventure travel is becoming so popular. It doesn’t have to mean climbing Everest, attempting K2, or crossing a desert on the back of a camel: but it can, though it can just as easily mean a guided rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, seeing the desert from the basket of a balloon, a bungee jump like James Bond (off Switzerland’s Verzasca Dam) or a road trip somewhere literally *off the beaten track*.

Trekking in Nepal or paddling the Grand Canyon are the classic adventure travel options, and for most adventure travellers involve a bit of travel to get to, but there are travel adventure options in every country — you ‘d be surprised to see the list of where all the best paragliding destinations are, and paragliding definitely qualifies as adventure travel if it’s done right. Ice climbing, cave diving, shark diving, paddling between scenic islands, trekking overland, base jumping, or even heli-biking or heli-skiing can elevate your travels to adventure travels, and these kinds of adventure travel options can be found in some very unlikely destinations.

But the classic adventure options are still the best: New Zealand, for all the cycling and paddling options, as well as the extreme sports, is one of the best places for adventure travel, and Chile and Patagonia are popular for the same kinds of adventure travel attractions. Canada has the winter-y wilderness, and offers adventure travellers the chance to get back to nature and meet some exotic animals, while Borneo and the Galapagos, offer adventure travellers both untouched wilderness, unique animals and sunshine. Just in case you prefer your adventure travels without the adventurous weather.

Not all of us get the …

Freestyle Adventure Travel – The first day I arrived in Luang Prabang, I was surprised by the tranquil scenery and sanctuary atmosphere it possesed. This is a very special city with no modern buildings or houses with more then two stories. That’s why people say Luang Prabang is a small town the size of a big city.

As I wake up around 6:00 am, after a good night sleep at the guesthouse I’m privileged to stay at, I walk down the street and suddenly there is an orange line rising up from the dawn. Monks, from the temples, are walking in a line down the street in front of kneeling women with baskets filled with sticky rice, fruits and other foods. My host prepares a basket of fruits for me so I can join with the Lao women in their Alms ceremony. My host is a very careful women, she explains the culture to me, what I should and shouldn’t do. People here believe alms will credit them merits which are very important in Buddhism. A monk can earn merits through his meditation, chanting, praying and rituals. There is also another way for women to earn merits, they can cook and serve food to the monks. Whenever the monks pass by, the women pick a food out and put it randomly into the bowls of the monks, just make sure that you don’t overfill their bowls.

I can’t hide the eagerness on my face when I see a little monk pass by me. I pick a banana and put it into his bowl. He must be around 14 years old, he smiles and bows in front of me. It’s a magical moment for me in this mystical town. I have some pity for the monks however, as I see a …

Often, when people book their vacation, they go to a foreign country to explore the culture, art and history there. Instead of booking your next vacation to a foreign country, why not go to Colorado? There are so many Things To Do In Colorado that you are certain to find an event, museum, outdoor park and so much more, anything, for everyone in your family. With a variety of adventures, you can book your hotels or your entire Colorado vacation on the Internet.

This time of year, one of the best adventures that you can go on is a ride on a dogsled. With an experienced guide, you can discover nature trails, wildlife and a winter wonderland in Colorado while riding on a dogsled. Although that is one fun winter activity, another very popular winter activity in the stunning mountains of Colorado is skiing. There are a number of spectacular ski resorts available as well as vacation hotspots for the inexperienced all away to professional skaters. You can also discover the unique and solemn trailblazing experience of snowshoeing, where you can discover a plethora of wildlife, serenity and mountain landscapes.

In addition to skiing, Colorado offers the most extensive array of snowboarding, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities for the winter lover in every one. You can also discover the beauty and fun of the Belmar ice rink in winter. With twinkling trees, highlighted plaza, children with cups of hot chocolate and more, you can skate at Belmar during the wintertime for some family-friendly, Colorado fun. There is a wide variety of hotels available throughout Colorado, and depending on your specific desires, that will be the best way to find the perfect hotel to go with your perfect vacation. One of the most stunning and luxury accommodations available in Colorado is …

When it comes to adventure travel, the list of destinations available for exploring some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife and breathtaking landscapes really is endless, Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Reviews. But from dusty desert treks, to tropical jungle hikes, much of the world’s most captivating natural life can be found within a variety of incredible national parks.

Khao Sok- Thailand

Located in Southern Thailand, Khoa Sok NP is the ultimate destination for those seeking a truly exciting adventure travel experience. Rich in lush, green rainforests and scattered with tumbling waterfalls, valleys and idyllic lakes, Khoa Sok is host to a plethora of exotic wildlife inhabitants. Whilst boasting a vast range of mammals, birds, bats and reptiles, Khao Sok’s incredible rugged limestone cliffs and vast green jungle canopies provides the ultimate setting for a trekking adventure, and an awesome backdrop for any jungle photo.

Kruger- South Africa

Located north of Johannesburg, Kruger NP has a real mix of African wildlife- making it the ultimate safari destination in South Africa and a great place for an adventure holiday. Whether you want a self-drive safari, a professional game drive or just a really memorable adventure trip, Kruger NP is host to enough desert-dwelling wildlife to satisfy the adventurous side of any animal enthusiast. Get up, close and personal as you track the Big Five on an unforgettable 4X4 safari trip, or explore the magnificent Blyde River Canyon. With so much to see and do, Kruger National Park is without a doubt the definitive African wildlife destination.

Bako- Borneo

Located in a mangrove forest near Kuching, Bako National Park is home to some intriguing wildlife- not to mention a stunning coastline, littered with unusual towering rocks. A great destination for wildlife fanatics and nature enthusiasts alike, Bako NP is famously home to the …