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Cheap Gorilla Safari In Africa

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Cheap Gorilla Safari – Many travelers around the world would love to go for a gorilla tour; the complaint has been that the cost of a gorilla safari is much more than the normal amount of money one would spend on a holiday in Africa. This is because, you can only see the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, Just one permit per person costs USD 500. So how can you visit these endangered species without spending a lot of money.

The first tip is book in advance. It’s always advisable to contact a travel agent for this tour, this can help you to negotiate price reductions and to also get the worth of your payments. Remember that travel agents are profit makers. When you book your gorilla safari in advance, you will avoid more expenses while getting the very best of the services.

It’s also important for you to choose low cost accommodation, the price for many hotels in the gorilla areas ranges from 100 to about 300 dollars per person. When you reserve your lodge cheaply, you are assured of saving on a gorilla safari. This of course is combined with the season. Choose your travel dates at a time most people are not on vacation. The months between June and September should be avoided since that’s when most tourists visit Uganda and Rwanda.

You can also save by choosing the most inexpensive means of transport, you can take on a bus to one of the areas next to the National Parks, and this will reduce on the cost since most gorilla safari travel agents charge about 150 dollars a day for car hire. A bus will charge about 30 dollars for the journey to the areas close to the national parks.

The final step is choosing the right tour operator to handle your safari. Uganda and Rwanda have many tour operators all confident of giving you the best services, but their prices differ, by writing to various travel agents, you will be assured of getting the cheapest provider for your safari. Be careful on ensuring the existence of that tour company by verifying whether the tour operator is a registered member with one of the credible tour organizations.

The above tips can surely help you to save on your gorilla safari. It’s also important for you to visit other African safari destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa for true wildlife experience.