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Discover the Amazing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel – There are many famous and awe-inspiring mountains in Africa, but none more so than the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. Close to 20,000 feet above sea level, it has been the subject of wonder and amazement for centuries, and is now one of the most popular destinations in the world with people looking to get away on a memorable adventure break.

Made up of the three volcanic cones of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira (the former is dormant while the latter two are extinct), Kilimanjaro first started to form around a million years ago. Although there have been no major eruptions on the mountain for over 350,000 years, there’s no guarantee that the giant volcano will not one day become active again. In fact, the last recorded activity there only took place 200 or so years ago.

It was in the middle of the nineteenth century when the first attempt to scale the incredible peak was undertaken, although none proved successful until 1889, when the legendary Austrian Ludwig Purtscheller reached his goal on the day of his 40th birthday. This maiden ascent also has an extraordinary story to accompany it, which was not played out until 100 years after the feat took place.

It was decided by a committee formed to mark the centenary celebrations of the trek to the summit that all those who played a part should be acknowledged for their important contribution. Research then revealed that one of the guides who accompanied Purtscheller on his journey, Yohani Kinyala Lauwo, was actually still alive. This discovery meant that Lauwo was then acknowledged as being the oldest living man before dying at the age of 124 or 125 in 1996. Incredibly, the Marangu resident also claimed to have climbed Kilimanjaro three times before the start of World War One!

Something that is also unique to the mountain is the view that it offers. Amazingly, the vista afforded from Kilimanjaro provides a more expansive view of the earth’s surface than can be found anywhere in the world. This, obviously, has much to do with the height of the mountain but is also made possible by the extraordinary flatness of the surrounding area. The view from Kilimanjaro is quite simply unlike any other on the planet.

With six official trekking routes across the mountain, Kilimanjaro is often attempted by members of the public, and is one of the most popular climbs of its kind. The challenge that the mountain provides should not be underestimated, however, with many people finding the summit a much more intense physical test than expected.