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Eco Travel Adventures – Are You Interested?

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If you want to experience an eco travel adventure and are looking at South America as a place of interest there are several factors you need to consider when selecting an appropriate tour or guide.

This part of the world has already been decimated in parts by the impact of explorers, exporters and businesses capitalising on the riches it holds. However, there are still so many areas that are untouched and unharmed by these activities and selecting a tour that continues to protect the environment also supports an economy that does not harm this lush and beautiful collection of countries.

There are still incredibly untouched rainforests supporting a huge array of life, with an intricate ecosystem that you have to see to believe. The area also boasts tablelands, wetlands, huge rivers (including the Amazon), lakes, waterfalls and old villages you can walk through and feel the sense of history. Its remote locations add a sense of awe at the size and reach of the areas.

Many of the eco travel adventures on offer today have a volunteer component that, while good, can take the bulk of your holiday away from discovering the diversity of the area or provide five stars accommodations that are so far removed from the lush real surrounds that you never feel you are connecting with it on a real level.

Look for a tour company that offers accommodation amidst the splendour of the great outdoors, without compromising your safety. It is a good idea to select a company that specialises in the area as they have closely connected tour guides that they have spent time building up a relationship with, whom have also developed a good relationship with the local people.

It’s good to enquire how often the tours go, to check they will fit into your travelling plans. A small group of travelers can be more fun, and helps you keep your own impact to the environment at a minimum.

If you want to come home with beautiful memories, a camera full of vibrant and diverse images and a sense you walked in a part of the world that has remained remarkably unchanged for centuries, then an eco travel adventure in South America may fit the bill completely.