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Follow Your Heart – Lessons from a Travel Adventure

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Is it possible that a trip of four weeks can change your whole life?

I don’t know where to start telling you… so I will just mention the most important stages of my trip.

The first awesome part of the trip was driving on Highway 1 which runs up the coast of California. Along the way, there are different sights, and when I stopped, I was able to watch a huge group of sea elephants lying on the beach and having a siesta. They hardly moved at all, and one could easily think of them as looking dead. But they were very much alive, just in a state of relaxation. We can learn from them that we need some rest, too, no matter how hard we are required to work.

Perhaps you remember the story that I told you about Hearst Castle; to me it is rather Heart Castle. I was able to spend a full day on top of the hill where it is located near Highway 1 – and the weather was splendid. Hearst’s father had found silver, and his son built this wonderful castle on the hilltop where he imported and displayed a great deal of magnificent European art. The castle seemed to whisper “nothing is impossible.” When you are there, you can feel that this is true.

Then I suddenly found myself swimming with dolphins in a resort on Oahu, one of the islands of Hawaii. The precious creatures were so much fun to play with. When they asked me whether I would like to kiss a dolphin, I immediately answered “yes!”, and so I kissed my first dolphin. The dolphins’ message definitely was “be happy and have fun in life.” It was a wonderful experience to get to know these awesome animals very close.

On Maui, I drove up Haleakala Crater, and therefore found myself on the highest place on earth, counted from below the sea level (more than 9000 meters). The landscape was exceptional, and I could see many small craters in the big one. The crater is said to be still, however I believe that there will be a next eruption, maybe not in the near future, but at a later time. “Seize your life, since it can be over sooner than you think and it’s short anyway” was the message that this place carried for me.

The road to Hana, also on Maui, was a long, curvy and winding road leading through the rainforest to the small city of Hana. Hana is said to be the old Hawaii. Watching waterfalls, eating banana bread, drinking from coconuts, that’s what you can do there. And it rains almost all the time – you know it’s the rainforest. Hana’s message is definitely that “there is another pace, a slower one.” You can’t drive fast on this road. And it takes some time to go to Hana…

You know, when you follow your heart, and go on a trip like this, it will change you forever. You will never be the same again. When you are open to understanding the messages that nature offers you, then a huge transformation can happen. There is always a big difference between reading about a trip and really going somewhere and experiencing it.

Follow your heart – don’t let circumstances keep you off track!

In case you might want to read the messages again:

  • Take some rest!
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Be happy and have fun!
  • Seize your life!
  • Slow down your life.