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Go Exotic! 4 Travel Destinations Forex Traders Must Visit This Summer

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Summer doesn’t exactly stick around all year long and it is not healthy for traders to just sit in front of their computers every day. Prolonged sitting has been associated with numerous back problems and you do not want that to add up to the challenges that come along with trading.

Then what is the remedy to unglue a super engrossed trader? All the money earned from forex trading has got to go somewhere. So pack your bags, laptops and camera and head to these must-see places worthy to be explored.


2010 is said to be the last year that Antarctica is open to tourism. Antarctica is probably one of the most incredible tourist destinations, one of the world’s last great wilderness. The continent’s landscape is described by many as magical, surreal, unforgettable, and a glimpse of nature in its purest form. Many four-day cruises leave from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, others from Ushuaia or Stanley. The increased number of tourists aboard ships poses a major threat in the fragile continent and a ban on big cruise ships will take effect within a year. This gives us the perfect reason to see this secluded continent for the first (and last) time.

Bogot??, Columbia

Bogot?? is now one a world class urban destination ranked along with San Francisco, Dubai, Washington DC or Berlin. The city underwent breathtaking transformation but still remains as a “city of contrasts” blending the old and the new where you can find skyscrapers tower over century-old landscapes. Several museums and restaurants have opened in the Bogot??’s historic center and the most affordable lodging and dining options are located in this side of Bogot??. Take a downtown day tour and enjoy the sights offered by this charming city.

Mysore, India

Are you a yoga junkie?  Thousands of people fly to Mysore, the most popular yoga destination in India. In fact, it has achieved world-wide recognition as a center for yoga and it is widely known for Ashtanga, the main style of yoga taught in Mysore. However, Mysore is not only known for yoga, this ancient city in the state of Karnataka is also called the City of Palaces because of the number of palaces situated in the city.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa stole the limelight when it hosted the 2010 World Cup. Soccer fans arrived in throngs prompting the opening of new hotels, stadiums and safari lodges and much of the action was centred in Cape Town. Cape Town is already known for its beaches, cuisine and sophisticated night life. No other African city combines beauty and culture so effortlessly.