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Holiday & Travel Guide For Majorca, Spain

Holiday & Travel Guide For Majorca, Spain
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Majorca is the largest island in Spain and is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The original name of Majorca comes from the Latin for the Big Island. Majorca is a sunny island that has been a destination for British holidaymakers since holiday packages were reintroduced in the 1950s, and its popularity has continued to increase ever since. Some Brits liked the island so much that they decide to relocate there, ex-pats now make nearly 12% of Spain’s population.


Majorca is divided up into fifty-three different municipalities and since tourism accounts for eighty percent of the annual income in Majorca, it gives this island an abundant amount of things which tourists can jump right into. Whether you like shopping or relaxing, Majorca has it all on one island.

Palma is the capital city

The capital city of Majorca, Palma, has a great atmosphere and is full of examples of exquisite architecture which would be the backdrop to any holiday snap which you can boast about back home. Palma, is situated on the south-west coast of the island, has the best of both worlds with the city supplying everything and anything which you could think of and being dominated by the huge Palma Cathedral with its Gothic style (dating back to 1601), to the beautiful sandy beaches just a stone’s throw away.


If you are not really into site seeing holidays then there is also Magaluf, one of the biggest resorts in the municipality of Calvi? situated right next to Palma. Here you can party all through the night and shop all through the day if you so wish, perfect for the younger tourists or for 20-somethings on a fun summer break. If you manage to drag yourself out of bed after clubbing, Magaluf also has two water parks, a variety of water sports including diving and jet skiing, and the mighty Black lizard island so named as it has a large number of black lizards on it. Black lizard island is in the middle of Magaluf bay, around 500 meters from the shore and can only be reached by swimming, making it a real challenge. Magaluf has also been host to many famous DJ’s in the past, such as Judge Jules, Tiesto, Pat Sharp, and Tim Westwood. The action in Magaluf is centered around the main strip, a road with five main clubs on, these can be entered for a fee or a pass can be bought which will allow you access to all five of the main clubs for the night or for a week. Obviously, the price varies on which type of pass you wish to purchase.

The region is great for any age, as there are plenty of daytime activities which can keep kids and adults alike busy, and it is easy to get transportation into Magaluf, or a hotel there far enough away from the main strip, that people can party in style and families will not have to be affected.