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Holiday & Travel Guide For Marrakech, Morocco

Holiday & Travel Guide For Marrakech, Morocco
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Marrakech is a medieval city, with a historic palace and Saadian Tombs. You will be amazed by the architecture of the building that houses the Marrakech Museum, with beautiful works of art displayed in it. Take a bus tour stacking around the main sites of the city, such as the Koutoubia Mosque, built in the 12th century with beautiful gardens. Unfortunately there is no access to the mosque for non-Muslims. Marrakech is a busy and vibrant place, full of color and sound. It can be very busy so if you want to go away from it for a while go sightseeing to the beautiful Ouzoud Waterfall where you will meet lots of local monkeys. While relaxing with a drink at an outdoor restaurant, this is a great place for a photo opportunity or even to ride a camel into the desert and spend the night camping under the Moroccan stars. There are many smaller towns close by that will fill your days with some wonderful sights if you want to explore this charming country. An afternoon in the Square of the Dead is delightful, with snake charmers, musicians and story tellers to entertain all the family. Before you leave Marrakech, fly over the city in a hot air balloon, it’s a wonderful experience and very memorable with some fantastic views and plenty of photo opportunities.


Marrakech isn’t a beach resort, but if you want to relax away from the bustling town then the harbour town of Essaouira is the nearest beach to Marrakech, where you can experience some great water sports like kite sailing and windsurfing along its broad sandy beach. It can be a little windy, but when the sun is hot, the breeze is more than welcoming, you can also try some horse riding along this very clean beach.


Shopping in Marrakech is an exciting experience, haggle with the locals in the large open air Bazaars selling everything from Souvenirs to gorgeous handmade rugs, leather and hand crafted gold jewellery. Take in the sights and sounds of this hectic bustling place, if you don’t intend to buy don’t haggle as the locals can become quite aggressive over it, but if you do haggle you’ll be sure to pick up a bargain or two. If you prefer fixed price shopping with less hustle and bustle then you will find some very nice fixed price shops in the town.


Moroccan food is very tasty and quite diverse with Arabic, Mediterranean and African influences. Many spices are used in the traditional dishes; these can be found in many authentic restaurants, the most popular dish being pigeon pie. Many authentic dishes are cooked with couscous rice, spicy meat and delicious vegetables. You will find small restaurants that are more busy serving local residents who tend to be better places for traditional cuisine, but there are many restaurants that sell international food and fast food outlets selling baguettes filled with salads and meats can be found around the city. All hotels cater to the tourist market.

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