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Horseback Riding In South America

Horseback Riding In South America
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One of active travel adventures in South America is home to an incredibly diverse range of experiences, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Adventure into the Amazon, party with the locals in Rio de Janeiro and experience the lost Incan world at Macchu Picchu – any kind of holiday that you want is waiting for you in South America.

For horse riders and those that want a bit of a different experience, an eco travel adventure on horseback is an excellent way to see the continent. There are a number of different popular locations and treks you can take – see some of these top destinations for horseback riding in South America.

Pantanal Wildlife Safari in Brazil

50,000 acres of land owned by the Lemos Monteiro family offers diverse landscapes, seasonal wetlands, thick forests and an active ranch. The Pantanal is both the largest wetland area and biggest ecological sanctuary in the world – a horse trek will immerse you in beautiful surroundings and bring you close to some of the native bird and wildlife like the thousands of egrets that visit the Correntoso River.

Chile to Argentina – Through the Andes

A 10-day trip and one of the best adventures on horseback in the Andes, you’ll start your journey amongst the snowy mountains and head east through the rain forests, ranges and past the lakes of Huerquehue National Park. Experience ‘living off the land’ as you build campsites and places to sleep each night, your safety guaranteed by expert guides. This trek immerses you in the landscape of two countries over 120 kilometres – an unforgettable journey.

Cayambe Reserve, Ecuador

The Cayambe Reserve is home to vast valleys and forests through which you can ride, as well as the Inca roads where you can stop to visit local markets and villages as you head up the Cayambe and Cotopaxi mountains. Share the journey along the Inca and Spanish colonial routes that many have before you throughout history.

South America is the perfect place for a horse trek or riding adventure, and most companies offer a journey to suit any skill level. From weeklong rides that cover vast plains, valleys and ranges to day trips through local reserves, South American countries can cater to whatever you’re looking for.

Forget about a hotel stay – book your horse-riding adventure through one of the local tour companies and experience the true beauty and excitement that the continent offers.