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Intrepid Travel Egypt Adventure – An Adventurer’s Paradise

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Intrepid Travel Egypt Adventure – Egypt is said to be an exotic land – a land full of mysteries, a land where there is no end for those shopper buffs and the land of the ancient pyramids. Egypt has undulating adventures stocked in its kitty which ranges from desert exploration to those scintillating Nile cruises, hot air ballooning to snorkeling and swimming in the Red sea. The adventure is unending!

Egypt is said to be a shopper’s paradise and one gets a first-hand view of those remarkable items not to be found anywhere in the world. They range from spices, perfume, trinkets and copper and brass artifacts. The best could be found in Cairo’s Khan -el Khalili bazaar. A livestock market seems to be in vogue in El-Hebel, 2.4 miles from Luxor on every Tuesday. Basically, camels are bought and sold over here.

More than two thirds of Egypt are covered with desert. Therefore, to find an oasis (fresh water pond) here seems a dream come true. Egypt’s six oasis in the vast western desert engulf a pristine beauty within themselves. One finds an insight into the true Bedouin life style and the miraged white desert while traveling.

How is it possible that one is in Egypt and misses the Nile cruise? Then forget not cruising via a boat ride between Luxor and Aswan which basically lasts for around three to five days. It is a true marvel watching those water birds flocking to the edge of the river and viewing those ancient wonders.

Apart from those deserts, and river safaris this land of the Pharaohs has indeed lot much to offer. If you have already guessed it then it is alright otherwise let me spill up the beans.

Egypt is exotica for adventure buffs especially those who have long awaited to rise high on the air. Hot air ballooning is one of the best adventures one can partake. It is quite thrilling sitting in a hot air balloon, rising high, taking a bird’s eye view watching the colossal man-made wonders marking their presence.

After rising high from the land, now it is time to dive deep in the Red Sea. One must have heard deep down blue sea then how red? Then let me remind you, this is Egypt and be prepared for surprises every now and then.

The Red sea reckons the reputation world wide, for best underwater diving adventures. The water of the red sea teems with millions of lively colorful corals and commands clear water vision. Egypt’s coastline is considered worth beholding because of its immense facilities for snorkeling and swimming. Few try teaming up this snorkeling adventure with a glass of cocktail basking there underneath the sun’s rays.

We have talked a lot about adventure trails in Egypt but how about those hunger pangs banging hard on the stomach wall? So why not go for a walk in Alexandria searching for that perfect appetite of fresh fish suppers. Well, the fish could be seasoned with exotic spices and decked up for the perfect fiesta.

Therefore, if we sum up that Egypt is the perfect sojourn to visit then we won’t be mistaken. This winter pack your knapsacks and straightway head for the land of the Pharaohs