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Is a Big, Bad RV Motor Coach For You?

Is a Big, Bad RV Motor Coach For You?
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Big, bad RV motorhomes. These campers are the most expensive option out there, but for good reason. You can hop into a motorhome and tour the country, no popping up, no hitching up, and no towing (unless you’re towing another vehicle, which is another added option with a motorcoach).These bad boys aren’t for the feint of heart, though. These gas guzzling vehicles have created a sort of cult among retirees and adventurers alike. There’s clubs everywhere for these things. Motorhomes are often the most convenient option, but not always. Of course, if you are a very frequent traveler who makes long trips, the motorhome will probably win most times. Another plus with motorhomes is the ability to “roam” the area while traveling, You can relax on the couch, make a meal, or sleep on a bed while on the road. You can’t climb into a travel trailer or popup and do this. I suppose you probably could, but you would regret you did, not to mention legality issues.

I digress though. Motorhomes are obviously the most expensive option. Of course, there’s always exceptions to this. You can find used Class C’s (for example) for below 20, even 10, thousand. However, the cost of these is all over the charts. They have monstrosities that go into hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than the average house. These are the cat’s meow though, with more than most of us would ever need. Proper research is important while on the market of a motorhome, with varying options available and at all sorts of prices. Another plus about motorcoaches though is that it’s the easiest to find EXACTLY what you want. From plain options and the arrangement of amenities to engine size and style.

There are so many different ways to go on this one. Google is your friend. GREAT deals can be found on used RV’s in pristine condition. Of course, you have to factor in insuring a vehicle, the gas it’s bound to consume like a dehydrated football player, and space available for it’s storage. There are many applications where motorhomes rule, such as ones that require a trailer or another vehicle to be towed behind. You can’t do that when pulling a travel trailer. The best advice that I can offer to someone looking into a travel trailer is this; You cannot do enough research. The more research you do, the more educated you will be, and the happier you will be if, and when, you purchase your own. I’ve owned many different motorhomes, and all had their pluses and minuses. Some of these may have been dealbreakers to others, and some may have been perfect. It’s a very personal purchase.