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Mexico’s Copper Canyon – A Traveler’s Delight

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I was rummaging through the pages of my photo album when I felt a strange tingle. It was like being drawn back by an invisible string, pulling me until I found myself dwelling in the memories of those days when I trekked the lands of Copper Canyon. In a split second, I felt like I was actually back there, feeling the damp air as it embraced me, like sending me to its very bosom. Everything was so serene and calm with the stillness bringing delight down to my spine, lulling my senses.

The memory of that sojourn was one of those that I cherished the most. I love to remember the sequined flicker of the afternoon sun as it gleams along the ground while the soft breeze stirs the golden grass.

The Copper Canyon (also known as Barranca del Cobre) is indeed a masterpiece of Mother Nature that sprung forth from her heart. Hosting some of the most spectacular and beautiful land in all of Mexico, it is a region that lies in the northwest portion of the country. With a series of twenty canyons, shaped over centuries by six rivers that slither down the region, the area is sometimes compared to Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

As a means to preserve the area, Mexico created the Copper Canyon National Park which extends more than 600 km in length and 250 km in width.

Although the spot is accessible by trekking a dirt road through the mountains, it is more comfortably visited by train. Visitors often enjoy the picturesque journey by train from Los Mochis.

The Copper Canyon system can be traveled by the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad. Serving as an important means of transportation, the Copper Canyon railway also draws tourists as it is a superb example of engineering genius.

Other than the scenic ride, which is considered by many as the most dramatic train ride in the Western hemisphere, the Copper Canyon is proud of its religious sites that attract both devotees and tourists alike.

The Escultura de Cristo Rey in the town of Creel is a white stone statue, which stands 8 meters tall on top of a hill. You will have to ascend the 500-meter hillside and the stairway to reach the statue. The top of the hills offers a panoramic view of the city which is ideal for taking pictures.

Other charms of Copper Canyon are its historical and archeological attractions. One of the many is the Conjunto Mogollon – Serpiente Caves which is located in the northern part of Copper Canyon. Actually, the cave is a very large overhang which has openings on both sides. There are fourteen adobe rooms and a hallway that extends from one flank of the overhang to the other. Other archeological structures of the Copper Canyon like Cuarenta Casas, Huapoca Suspension Bridge and the Paquime are worth a visit.

Now, all I hold are the hazy memories I have about my travel in this adventure land. I hope to go back in a year or two just to relive those memories, to see that comforting coppery light gleaming on the canyons and to feel the touch of solitude in an environment where everything is as silent as any vault deep in the earth.