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Myths About Travel

Myths About Travel
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You’ve heard it all before. Things like not being able to use your cellular phone in the time of flight and the other myth of cruises being “all inclusive”. These types of myths along with others have made travelers a little bit more cautious of the things they hear when they are traveling. Traveling is a fun thing that should not give you stress, but we all know that once we travel, we need a vacation from a vacation. There are other myths that you may have heard about or not. Some of these myths are:    

1. Hotel Key can steal your identity- This is an outrageous myth, but it is easy to see where it comes from. Your hotel key, most people think, has your name, address, and phone number listed on it. The only thing that the key has on it is the room information. The key number is registered to you, not your identity. That information is stored in the booking information.    

2. X-Ray Machines will erase your hard drive on your computer- This myth has scared many people when they travel with a laptop. The myth only is half true. No the x-ray machines will not erase your hard drive, but it will erase film from a 35mm camera. That is why they don’t have you scan the film. Always ask questions if you are unsure of what the procedures are. You don’t want to be in security check out for hours because you refuse to scan your computer. That will only cause you more problems to your travel. 

3. No need for insurance when you use a credit card to rent a car- You need to have insurance no matter what. Unless the car rental has a special in which using your credit card will give you free extra insurance, then that would make it fact. But if you don’t put the extra insurance on the car and you get into an accident, you will have a BIG charge on your credit card. No one wants that. 

When you travel, you need to remember to not believe everything you hear. There are many people who are out there only to make an easy dollar. Be on your guard and you won’t be scammed. No one likes to be traveling and have someone take advantage of them. Always make sure to be aware of your surroundings and ask questions to the appropriate people. Travel agents can help you out in knowing the myths of travel and get you in an appropriate place and not take advantage. Have fun and stay safe!