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Overseas Adventure Travel Africa Reviews – This Is Africa

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Safari holidays and adventure holidays are growing in popularity. As the world grows smaller with cheaper flights, the internet and deals to far flung places, there has been a slow demise of the annual family week to the Spanish sun. Adventure travel is big business and a sought-after experience, is safari. Make sure the company offer Responsible Travel though. It’s all about giving back and supporting the countries you travel too now, long gone are the days of an English fry up in Tenerife, served by a begrudging local.

One of the most famous and well visited safari locations is the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. A visit to these thriving national parks is now one of the top ‘things to do before I die’, a must for the discerning Chelsea tractor mother and her brood. The Serengeti is a wonderland of game with four out of the Big Five strolling across the open bush land. For those of you not in the know, the big five are supposedly the five hardest animals to track in Africa: lions, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. A trip during the acclaimed migration will ensure sightings of lions, giraffe, elephants, and of course wildebeest. During the months of June and July thousands of wildebeest begin to migrate across the savannah plains of the Serengeti with impalas, zebra and gazelle as escorts. The photograph hunters amongst you should time your trip during these months as the sight of the swelling herds makes for some magical moments. The migration is one of the busiest seasons so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

There are many safari holiday itineraries which offer varying degrees of activity. The so-called adventure holidays tend to throw in things like hiking, canoe trips, bush walks or up close animal encounters at elephant sanctuaries or similar. Many companies offer additional helicopter rides or treks to Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. With so many add-on activities to your safari you can now combine beaches (Zanzibar Spice Island), animals, and thrill seeking into one trip. Today’s independent travel companies offer tailor made trips for families, solo travellers and groups. A modern safari holiday can see you staying in luxury safari lodges rather than a tent which makes the experience far more palatable for those with an aversion to sleeping bags and long drop toilets. Small jeeps take you out across the vast national parks and game reserves complete with your own personal Guide, usually a local with untold knowledge and experience. With such dedication to your needs and wants the smaller travel agents are by far the best way to go when booking your adventure holiday. The majority of employees will have travelled to these destinations and can give you firsthand accounts of the African wilderness. Make sure you read their blogs before you go and ask them for any tips.

African safari holidays are the new big thing so you don’t want to miss out. If you live in fear of dirt and a lack of clean washing water then be sure to book the trips with big game viewing from cosy jeeps and comfortable living arrangements. Although it is worth noting that even in the most luxurious lodges you are bound to come across a few insects and the notorious African red dust.