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Royal Adventure Travel Hawaii – Islands of Adventure

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Royal adventure travel hawaii is famous for its surfing beaches, Mai Tai’s and world-famous shopping, Hawaii is a destination on top of many people’s travel lists. Among the many reasons why so many people choose Hawaii, adventure touring is high up on my list. You can do almost everything here which range from parasailing to volcano safaris to surfing lessons on Waikiki beach. Below is my story of my Hawaii adventure.

Shark Diving is one of my favourite adventure activities and located on the North Shore of Oahu’s island you can jump in the water with a large school of Galapagos sharks. These mid depth sharks follow the sounds of fishing boats in hope of a free feed and the sound of any boat within these waters will bring the predators to the surface. Underwater it is such a surreal experience watching these sharks coming within centimetres of the cage and from all directions. Depending on the day you can see around 20 of these sharks around the cage and the boat.

Hawaii’s marine life doesn’t stop at just sharks, dolphin swims are very popular whether you are swimming with a wild pod of dolphins or taking a visit to Honolulu’s Sea Life Park. At this marine park the dolphin swim includes a kiss and cuddle from the dolphins which makes for great photos but you also get to have a play around with them too. Getting a dorsal tow from two of the dolphins and being pushed across the surface of the water are just some of the activities that you can do with these beautiful creatures. Of all the tours in Hawaii that you can do this one is what will make all your friends and family envious. Within the park there are other species of marine life such as penguins, sea lions, sea turtles, stings rays and other tropical reef fish. In the reef tank you can put on something like a space helmet and actually walk through the aquarium and hand feed the friendly Eagle Ray. The sea trek is probably the most unique adventure activity I have ever experienced.

If you are after unique tours and experiences then another activity to consider is the Atlantis Submarine. Submerging down to 104ft below the water’s surface to ship and plane wrecks is a wondrous experience. Among the wrecks many reef fish such as Butterfly Fish, Amberjack’s, Porcupine Puffer-fish as well as Sea Turtles, reef sharks and if you’re lucky you may see humpback whales in season. At 104ft below the reefs looks other worldly among the wrecks but on the contrary the wrecks provide shelter so this delicate eco system can thrive. Hawaii is a place of unlimited adventure, excitement and fun for the whole family. The activities here are no like no other place on Earth so don’t miss out on booking some sort of adventure tour. Here I have just given you some ideas of adventure tours but there are many others such as Whale Watching, Kualoa Ranch, Pearl Harbour, Kayaking tours, Snorkelling and many more.