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Russia Travel Adventure

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Russia trip can be a choice for travel destination. You can see the 19th century majestic St. Petersburg along with the beauty of Siberia. It is the world’s largest country which has 9 timezones and has 160 ethnic groups. This place has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Moscow, Novosibirsk in Siberia, and St. Petersburg, and are the most popular travel destination in Russia.


It is the capital of Russia and rich in culture, majestic architecture, and full of mystery. Here are the popular places here.

Red Square – It is the center of Moscow. It is the home of the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the site of Tsarist and later Soviet government, the ornate GUM department store, the Kazan Cathedrals, and St. Basil’s. This should be the starting point of your visit since streets of Moscow run off the Red Square.

Lenin’s Mausoleum – Made up of granite, this small building has the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin after his demise in 1925. People came here just to view this.

St. Basil’s Cathedral – This is the colorful Russian Orthodox Church built in the mid of the 16th century by Tsar Ivan IV, in which it is the most recognized symbol in the country. It is known for its striking onion dome.

St. Petersburg

This is situated west of Russia along the Baltic Sea and was created by Peter the Great in the 19th century. He built a city filled with palaces, museums, and other landmarks, which he foresee the city as a competitor of Europe’s capital. The places to visit here are:

The Hermitage – it is housed in 6 buildings, including Russian Tsars, which is the oldest and largest art gallery in the world. The collections include the masterpiece of Italian masters, the fabled Faberge eggs and French Impressionists.

The Summer Palace – This has a 14-room summer house of Tsar Peter, which is a well-preserved imperial style.

The Bridges – Often know as the Venice of the North, St. Petersburg has more than 300 bridges crossing the Neva River, representing a diversity of design styles

Mariinsky Theater – It is the world renowned for its Kirov Opera and Ballet.


Located at the north central Russia, rugged, forbidden land, and covered with snow for over a year. Until the completion the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1912; this place is underdeveloped. Here are some of the beautiful spots:

Novosibirsk – This is the largest city in Siberia, in which you can find ballet and Opera Company, zoo, and the most powerful media relay station.

Trans-Siberian Railroad -It connects Moscow to Vladivostok with over 9,000 km distance. The train has great features and you can have your Russia travel in 6 days. This is the best way to explore Siberia.