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Shanghai Travel Guide For Travelers

Shanghai Travel Guide For Travelers
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Shanghai is the main economic hub of China. It is situated in the Japanese portion of China. The huge multicultural city is standing next to the yellow river. The city was utilized to be a small village of fisherman initially, these days has surfaced because of the top megacity of the world.

The city witnesses the great boom in tourism due to its prosperity, ever-changing lifestyle and exquisite historic sites. Life in Shanghai can be a unique amalgamation of east and west. The city truly reflects the lifestyle and culture of western nations. It offers a wide range of sights and sounds compound with huge shopping prospects.

This year Shanghai is hosting Expo 2019, which comprises colorful festivals, exhibitions, and fairs from March to October 2019.

Must-Visit Sites

A few must-visit sites are mentioned below:

The Bund is situated in the middle a part of Shanghai. It is an old historical area with beautiful buildings. Walking by its main road, you’ll find an amazingly beautiful river on one side and multinational banks, financial centers and consulates on the other.

City God Temple is renowned for its unique sculpture. Originally, it was a temple where everyone was accustomed to arriving to pray for their bright future. Nowadays, City God Temple is not just a temple but it means the complete area surrounding the temple. Here, you will observe the marvels of Chinese architecture, beautiful tea houses plus more.

Pudong could be the eastern portion of Shanghai. It could be the financial center of the city. This area is loaded with remarkable skyscrapers. One of the most wonderful buildings is the Orient Pearl Tower. Garden bridge is another wonderful site in the city.

A Subtropical Climate

Shanghai has a subtropical climate, summers are generally warm with good a higher level humidity and occasional rains. In winters, temperature could be dropped to -120 C. March, April, May, Sep, Oct, and Nov will be the months through which climate remains moderate.

Getting into Shanghai

Shanghai has two airfields; Pudong International airport and Hongquio International airport. Pudong International is China’s 2nd largest airport. Roaming around inside the city is incredibly easy due to the sophisticated transport system. It has action-packed trains, metros, buses, and taxis. All the trains and is well accessible when you have the Shanghai Public Transport Card. You can buy these cards from service counters of metro stations and rehearse them at the airport, tourist centers, fuel stations and anywhere. The card also comes in different categories; some cards are refundable and several are not, however you can reload every card.

If you might be coming to get a short visit then better not to work with a card; you can move around by taxis, metros, and trains effortlessly. The fares for each one transport facility vary based on distances. Moreover, there are sightseeing buses that happen to be perfect if you value to look throughout the famous spots.

Dining Out

Shanghai supplies a range of food, cuisines, and seafood. Meat translates to pork here. Traditional Chinese cuisine has a sweet and sour taste, and it is excellently delicious. Other than Chinese food, you can find international food chains and beverages here. Name any continental food and also you would believe it is in Shanghai.


Accommodation is obtainable in Shanghai. The rates depend on the help you might need. From top international hotels towards the beautiful motels catering to low-quality travelers, all provide a clean and safe environment. Shanghai is a traveler-friendly place; come and explore.