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Surely One Phrase Could Not Make You Decide on a Destination – Yes it Did and it Made Me Return

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Twenty-Five years a go I received a very special invitation to visit Israel on an Educational Training Tour. The aim and goal and purpose were to train men to lead Tours and Pilgrimages to The Holy Land.

For some times, I had had this longing and desire to explore Israel following a fleeting visits on the way from South Africa to Cyprus.

What was that phrase that so attracted me? It was very simply that there would be a sail on the Sea of Galilee. For some reason that sealed it!

I accepted the invitation and the Training Tour was superb, led by the Israeli Tourist Board, and the spiritual and Christian side by a man who has become a close friend and colleague.

You may have been on numerous cruises and enjoyed various destinations for vacations and holidays and refreshing breaks, but have you visited Israel?

There is this desire within me to take a small group of people to The Holy Land and give them a most wonderful adventure. Having been there twelve times I know the land and geography and the history fairly well.

I know my way around. I know what to see and how to see it, without tiring people out.

From the time you arrive in Tel Aviv and are escorted up to Jerusalem to the time you return to Ben Gurion airport, it can almost be guaranteed that you will have an exciting, thrilling and refreshing experience, in all kinds of ways.

It is not a big country. You do not have travel very far to see a lot, and around almost every corner there is adventure to some degree. I have never found anyone become bored or fed up on a Tour of The Holy Land.

The hotels in Jerusalem and Tiberias are very good. In Jerusalem we are right in the centre of the city which makes it easy for reaching important and not-to-be-missed sites on foot. For longer journeys we travel by private coach of people carrier.

The Old City with its walls and historic significance is right opposite our centrally situated hotel and in Tiberias we are right on the shoreline of the Lake of Galilee in what could be described as touching luxury.

The ecology is intriguing. The day at Jericho, Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea, where we float, indicates how varied a landscape Israel enjoys.

Whether we are eating at our hotels or eating out for lunch, the food is excellent.

All the main places are visited without rushing and running, and at night, for those who wish to go out, there are subtly interesting things to do.

If you have never visited The Holy Land and would like to, let me reassure you it will be everything you looked for and expected.  Many people have expressed that sentiment.

Consider visiting Israel and touring the Holy Land, as a totally new adventurous experience. You will not be disappointed. You would be well looked after and given first class service.

Some of our north of Scotland folk have told me that they would never have gone to The Holy Land if they had not been with a leader whom they could trust.