Nashville, Tennessee Food and Beverage Venues-Heaven on Earth

A modern Southern Food Restaurant in Tennessee is known for iconic foods and beverages of the area. For whatever reason, other areas of the United States are hard-pressed to serve up such delectable Southern food and beverage selections. Tennessee offers a bit of heaven on earth and their Southern cuisine is heavenly.

Nashville, Tennessee the country music capital of the world is also known for their own truly iconic foods. Nashville offers nearly a dozen tasty and tempting dishes that visitors to the area must try. The food venue in Tennessee is different and inspiring.

Popular Meats and Side Dishes Done the Tennessee Way

Some of these dishes, considered side dishes go together with the popular hot fried chicken meals such as sweet potato fries or fried pickles. Sweet potato fries are the first choice next to regular fries. The fried pickle favorite comes in many different varieties. You pick your favorite pickle. Macaroni and cheese are always a Nashville favorite served with country ham, catfish, and cornbread.

There is Only One Way to Serve Catfish

Catfish a favorite Tennessee meal comes any number of ways, depending on the restaurant of choice. Catfish are always fried and goes well with hushpuppies and sweet potato fries. Sometimes catfish is served with other fish dishes such as shrimp.

The Bushwacker, RC Cola, and Sweet Tea

Visiting any Modern Southern Food Restaurant nashville tn you will soon find that the popular drink of the day for adults is the Bushwacker. The Bushwacker has a rum base and includes many types of liquor. The Bushwacker is Tennessee’s brand of an adult milkshake and may attest to the fact that it is so very good. The Bushwacker is not the only popular drink in the area, as no meal is complete without homemade sweet tea …