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Thanksgiving Adventure Travel – To Grandmother’s House We Go!

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Thanksgiving Adventure Travel – It’s that time of the year again and families across the United States are finalizing their plans for that trek to the in-laws or that old family home you grew up in back in the day. Either way it’s sure to be a trip full of great food and never-to-be-forgotten stories. Thanksgiving is the most heavily traveled holiday of the year and a little-known fact is it’s also one of the holidays where RV’s are a preferred mode of adventure travel. Think about it, it’s cheaper than flying and renting a hotel room, it’s roomier than doubling up at grandma’s house and the kids love it!

Some reasons to rent an RV for the holidays are that:

RV Travel is More Economical. Unbelievably, it’s true you can actually save money by renting a RV for your Thanksgiving or other holiday travels. Gas prices across America have been steadily coming down in the past few weeks a perfect reason to decide to drive instead of flying. Speaking of flying… did you know that you could rent an RV for a week for the cost of two plane tickets to most places in the US? It’s true; the cost to rent an RV is cheaper than the cost to fly a family of two or more. Check out the web for rental options across the US.

Another reason is, no Hotel Costs. When you travel in a RV, there is no need for a hotel room when you get to your destination. Your mode of transportation also serves as your hotel room. Not just any hotel room either! Your RV rental, in most cases, comes with a fully functioning kitchen, family room, TV’s, separate sleeping areas for parents and kids. Best of all, you can park it in your grand-mothers driveway. How cool is that!

When you travel in a RV across America, you really open yourself up to the opportunity to see the majestic mountains and other sites of one of our many National Parks. Thanksgiving week is the ideal time to take a few extra days and stop off at a National Park for some family site seeing and camping. Not sure where to go? Check out the website Reserve in America to check out the parks and campgrounds that are RV friendly and on their way to grandma’s house.

No place like home, right? Then take your home with you, because that’s what you are really doing when you rent a RV for traveling. Bring your favorite foods, because there’s a refrigerator and stove. Most RV rentals come with a fully stocked kitchen for your cooking convenience. Bring the board games or rent your favorite movie for a night of family fun in the spacious family room. Do you need some privacy? Retire to your own bedroom for a restful night of sleep. All the comforts of home.

Take Fido Along. Boarding the family dog can be a very costly proposition. Over Thanksgiving, most people board their pets from Wednesday to Sunday and at $22 a day (the going rate to board an average size dog), that’s a significant amount of money. There are lots of pet friendly parks and campgrounds throughout the US. For instance, in Florida, every state park that has RV campgrounds allows dogs in the campground. In addition, the National Park System does allow dogs in most of their RV parks, most have a separate dog park area for Fido to run free with his fellow furry friends. Just check out the National Parks website for a list of dog friendly options.

If you were planning to drive to grandmother’s house this year for Thanksgiving, then consider a last-minute RV rental. You won’t be sorry! The money you save, having all the comforts and conveniences of home, keeping the family together under one roof and most of all, for the great new experiences yet to come. These are just a few of the many reasons to reserve in America an RV to travel for the holidays.