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Top 5 National Parks Worldwide For Your Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Reviews

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When it comes to adventure travel, the list of destinations available for exploring some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife and breathtaking landscapes really is endless, Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Reviews. But from dusty desert treks, to tropical jungle hikes, much of the world’s most captivating natural life can be found within a variety of incredible national parks.

Khao Sok- Thailand

Located in Southern Thailand, Khoa Sok NP is the ultimate destination for those seeking a truly exciting adventure travel experience. Rich in lush, green rainforests and scattered with tumbling waterfalls, valleys and idyllic lakes, Khoa Sok is host to a plethora of exotic wildlife inhabitants. Whilst boasting a vast range of mammals, birds, bats and reptiles, Khao Sok’s incredible rugged limestone cliffs and vast green jungle canopies provides the ultimate setting for a trekking adventure, and an awesome backdrop for any jungle photo.

Kruger- South Africa

Located north of Johannesburg, Kruger NP has a real mix of African wildlife- making it the ultimate safari destination in South Africa and a great place for an adventure holiday. Whether you want a self-drive safari, a professional game drive or just a really memorable adventure trip, Kruger NP is host to enough desert-dwelling wildlife to satisfy the adventurous side of any animal enthusiast. Get up, close and personal as you track the Big Five on an unforgettable 4X4 safari trip, or explore the magnificent Blyde River Canyon. With so much to see and do, Kruger National Park is without a doubt the definitive African wildlife destination.

Bako- Borneo

Located in a mangrove forest near Kuching, Bako National Park is home to some intriguing wildlife- not to mention a stunning coastline, littered with unusual towering rocks. A great destination for wildlife fanatics and nature enthusiasts alike, Bako NP is famously home to the Proboscis monkey- a species of monkey that can only found on Borneo. With an abundance of wildlife, tumbling waterfalls, fascinating plant life and tropical beaches, this national park is the ideal setting for an unforgettable jungle trekking adventure.

Chitwan- Nepal

Situated in the subtropical lowlands of Asia, Chitwan National Park is packed with a wealth of flora and fauna- making it one of the best wildlife areas in Nepal, and an ideal setting for nature lovers. As well as a great place for jungle treks, you can make this a truly memorable wildlife adventure on an elephant trek through the grasslands in search for the endangered one-horned rhino. Chitwan is also home to various other species, including leopards, tigers, monkeys and antelope. What’s more, a canoe trip down the Rapti River, might be the perfect place to spot crocodiles bathing on the banks.

Taman Negara- Malaysia

Thought of as Malaysia’s most famous National Park, Taman Negara is the final destination in this list of must-see National Parks, and well worth a trip during any Malaysia holiday. With dense jungles and wildlife galore, it’s not hard to see why this place is regarded as one of the best parks in all of Asia. Home to over 200 species, during an adventure trip to this unique destination, you can explore mysterious dark caves and enjoy spectacular canopy walks, making it a paradise for those seeking wildlife and a real jungle adventure.