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Undiscovered Russia For Your Adventure Travel Russia

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Do you think that Russia is just an insanely cold country? You are wrong, there are awesome adventure travel Russia. Its southern part – the Crimean peninsula (currently Ukraine) by the Black Sea is a wonderful subtropical retreat with an awesome landscape, considered to be the most beautiful in all of Europe.

Imagine soaring mountain peaks over a narrow coastline covered with cypress, juniper and grape vines, dotted with bustling resorts and opulent estates, and an undisturbed countryside of high limestone plateaus, alpine meadows, narrow canyons and picturesque waterfalls, housing a dream world of astounding treasures: mysterious cave towns, ancient rock-carved monasteries and ruined medieval fortresses.

No wonder this paradise has been the major tourist destination for the Russians and other nations of the former Soviet Union. However, it is virtually unknown for the Westerners. Could it be because the Crimea housed the world’s top secrete military base with the entire city working on it? Time has changed. The Crimea has opened its borders as the rest of Russia and slowly but surely welcomes tourists from all over the world.

If you are adventurous in body and spirit, you should definitely try organized active trips around the Crimea. You will visit the must-see places, like the 25 century old Chersonesos – a cradle of Christianity in Russia and a UNESCO Heritage Site; Livadia estate, where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin carved up postwar Europe; the above mentioned top secrete military base Balaklava, hidden in underwater caves and tunnels as well as out-off-the-bitten-path gems, like the sacred Kachi-Kalion cave town, the secluded VIth century Chelter-Coba cave monastery with a monk in residence and many others! So, grab your walking shoes and a swimming costume in warm season (April-November) and discover the unique and breathtakingly exotic Crimea.