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Visit Chile As Part Of Your South America Travel Adventure

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South America is a fabulous continent full of contrasts. From the Amazon to the Andes, there is something for everyone in the colourful and diverse countries that make up this fascinating land. A South American travel adventure is definitely something that should be on everyone’s bucket list!

One of the countries that you will love to visit during your tour is Chile. It is a wondrous nation of glaciers, valleys, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests, fjords, beaches and deserts. Local legend reveals that all these features were left over after God had finished making the world. Instead of letting so much beauty going to waste, Chile was created. This multitude of natural attractions continues to draw visitors on a travel adventure to this stunning part of the world.

Chile also has a strong European heritage which means that travellers often feel a stronger connection to the history of Chile than to other countries in South America. Like all the people of South America, the Chilean nationals are warm and welcoming and love to share their unique blend of culture and heritage with visitors.

Stretching down the western edge of the continent, Chile is a mix of the modern and traditional, with large cities like the capital city of Santiago and small villages where farming families make a meagre living from the land. The vibrant city of Santiago is set spectacularly at the base of the Andes and has everything for the visitor from the historic San Francisco Church to the important national monuments in the Plaza de Armas.

Other picturesque Chilean towns you will enjoy include Bariloche and Puerto Varas where you can embark on a tour of the lakes area, bull of native forests, mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls. You will also be spellbound by the geographical wonders of Atacama and Patagonia.

In the middle of the Chilean Patagonia, you can visit the Torres Del Paine National Park in all of its untamed and majestic beauty. This amazing national park contains animals such as ostriches, flamingos and condors as well as local species including guanacos and chinques. You can marvel at the magnificent Salto Grande waterfall and the towering rock formations of the Amarga Lagoon. Many visitors choose a hiking tour through this national park, enjoying an up-close adventure with nature.

Don’t leave Chile off your South America travel adventure itinerary. You will enjoy the different elements of familiarity and diversity and take bags home full of memories.