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World Cruisers Adventure Travel And Tours Inc – Top 3 Adventure Travel Trips For Your Bucket List

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World Cruisers Adventure Travel And Tours Inc – Let’s face it.  The typical vacations in the tropics, in a ski lodge and in a cruise ship can seem boring after one too many trips to these places.  You will want something unique, something adventurous and something more memorable simply because life is too short to be spending vacations in boring places.

Well, if that’s your desire, you should ask a travel agent about the possibilities for an adventure travel trip to exotic places doing things that you would never have thought to do on your vacation.  No, we are not talking about illegal and illicit activities here – just vacations that will pump adrenaline into your system and still keep you alive to tell the exciting tale.  Here then are our top three picks for an adventure vacation.

Visit the Stans

If you are curious about what happened to the Central Asian countries formerly under the Soviet Union, then it is time to plan your trip to the five stans.  Yes, you read that right – the five stans, namely, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  The best time to visits is either on the month of May or September when the climate is usually at its best.

You can pretend to be a modern-day Marco Polo precisely because few Westerners have seen the wonders of these independent countries since the days of, well, Marco Polo.  Your mind will wonder at the Saka petrolglyps, the Zenkov Cathedral and the Bibi Khanym mosque while you arms will be full from the equally wondrous woven carpets and other souvenirs.  Did we mention that these countries have majestic vistas as well?

Trek in Mongolia

Ever since Genghis Khan captured our imaginations, we have always wanted to visit Mongolia, mingle with its people and absorb its culture.  Since the country is as safe as ever, it is time to fulfill our dreams to meet the descendants of the great founder of the Mongol Empire.

We expect to sleep in a ger, the Mongolian family’s traditional yurt-like home, which will definitely be an experience unto itself.  We will look forward to drinking the famous symbol of Mongolian life in the steppes, the airaq or fermented mare’s milks.  Most of all, we are anticipating the horse rides through the great steppes, the treks to the forests of the Altai-Sayan Montane and the sightings of unique wildlife like the snow leopard and the lynx.  Whoever said that a tropical vacation is the best there is has yet to see the wonders of Mongolia!

Ski in the Andes

Tahoe, Whistler and Aspen can be boring to the most jaded skier.  And so, off to the Andes Mountains we must go.  We suggest going in October when the spring weather brings with it clear skies, corn snow and snowcapped summits, all of which are perfect for skiing downhill and then hiking back uphill.  Or maybe with a horse.

We must caution that this trip is not for the faint of heart or the weak of legs.  At heights of 1,400 meters above sea level, vertigo is the last of your worries.  Then again, why worry when you can ski down the slope, enjoy Mother Nature as you swoop by and just feel good to be alive?

Life is too short for boring vacations.  Go out there and have the adventure of a lifetime.