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You, Bali and Komodo Summoned to the Spontaneity’s Table of Creative Expression

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Adventure Travel Bali – MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology Souring the Depths of Uninhibited Passion

Who would know that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country (with over 238 million people) in the whole wide world? What does that have to do with anything?


Besides hosting the world’s largest lizard, the life dragon, Komodo as a natural part of its environment, and possessing paradisiacal Bali, as the most revered vacation spot in the world, according to most travel magazines, what else would you want to know? Are you the least bit interested in seeing either one? Would it be possible IF you were? Have you ever, before this particular moment in time, given thought to either visit Bali or read about the Komodo (that’s the very least you could do). If the trip were paid for, and accommodations provided, would you leave the comfort, familiarity and set routine of your everyday life to make the trip? More importantly, would you go on the spur of the moment or would you need time to plan and prepare for the adventurous journey? How many reservations would flood your mind, in addition to how unreasonable and nonsensical taking off ‘just like that’ would seem to be? “What? You’d have to think about it.” My point, exactly.

In the run of your ordinary day-to-day activities, how often do you allow such seemingly irrelevant information to penetrate your thoughts? Are you so caught up in the habitual activates and overused words in your plastic conversations, nothing, such as the idea of taking off to Bali and investigating the world’s largest lizard would ever enter your mind’s frame of reference or make a dent in the remote possibility of pursuing? That’s something to ponder with unrelenting thought IF the possibility would not even be entertained by you in the least.

When was it that you lost your childlike innocence and outrageous sense of exploration? When did you get so stoically boring, redundantly dull and pathetically uninteresting that the hours of your days are spent simply ‘just getting by’? Who are you and what have you turned into IF the mere hint of discussion of doing something, you consider so insanely out of the ordinary of your ‘safe and secure’ routine makes you rebuff in an indignant recoiling of defensive fever?

“What in the world is she talking about?” I can hear some of you say. Interjected with a stiff upper lip of affirming rebuttal, “I haven’t lost anything in Bali and I certainly have no interest whatsoever in hunting for big lizards.” That’s a real shame. Why? Because inside of you, lurks The Life Dragon who longs for high spirited roaming exploit. And, inside of you, paradise calls your name unequivocally to respond to rapturous splendored repose as you’ve never allowed yourself to indulge in and enjoy.

Why believe me? I have nothing vested in these words except for the fact that you are a warm blooded passionate human being who yearns for creative daring expression. Unearthed artistic bohemian talents spur you to action and yet you turn a deaf ear to their call. You have grown so accustomed to a specific way of conventional, (monotony at its finest) life; you don’t want to do one thing to rock the boat. I’m not asking you to rock the boat; I’m telling you to turn the vessel thing over!

Let’s just assume that you live a relatively long life of say, 80 years. If we figure the hours you have, not counting the ones you’ve already used up in doing whatever it is you do, then that would be: assuming an 80-years span includes 20 leap years, then 80 years is equal to (60 x 365 x 24) + (20 x 366 x 24) = 525600 + 17280 = 542880 hours.

A mere 542,880 hours to do all the things you are ever going to do, see, have, share, experience, while you learn, love, laugh, and luxuriate in the sheer infinite grand gracious beauty of it all. Now, you tell me are your hours worthy of exploring depths, heights and crevices of unrevealed mystery?

Can you possibly do another hour (60 minutes, 360 seconds) without damasking whatever it is that really motivates you (turns you on), makes you evolve, expand and revolutionize your present world with new ideas, sensations and experiences? “Did I just hear you mumble something about having to work? You couldn’t just shirk your responsibility, duty and obligation of current daily involvements?”

Ah! Ha! At least, you let the incredible moment of unimaginable fantasy pierce your mind and saturate your heart for a moment to respond. Even IF the fantastic ideas reverberated but for a few seconds, you opened the shut-up vault of your soul’s desire to expand unpretentiously. You peered down into the stagnant well of “what you’re not able to do” enough to realize, the ‘still small voice’ of unharnessed excitement calling.

See, the problem is: you are a sacred, vibrantly, sensually, sexually artistic soul who carries enormous unearthed creative aspects of talent never before introduced. There’s so much more to you than meets the eyes. “You are indeed the most stimulating and captivating person you will ever meet.”

However, like a ship whose height of the bow depends upon the depth of the hull, so, too, are you governed, guided and motivated by what’s lurks in the depth of your hallowed being. It’s all a matter of ‘shocking your muscles’, from which constitute the deepest memories, locked away in your sublime cells of continual, curious creation.

A new hour approaches and with it a host of undaunted possibilities flood the gate of your arrival. So, what IF you don’t make the trip to Bali today, or feast your eyes upon The Life Dragon? Something has indeed stirred in you that will not be quieted. You have been summoned to the hierarchy of your most coveted celestial self’s table of unfolding unified glory.

Nothing is better than that! Nothing touches the unceasing pleasure filled wisdom of knowing everything is connected. {Bali, Komodo, and You} And, when you make a passionately, generated thought invoked move, based upon a gut instinct generated by the depth of your precious ruthless soul, the entire universe supports, while it ushers you onto your path of chosen destiny and celebrates your capriciously inundated arrival.